Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 1 - A Success?

Well,  I'm not exactly sure it's been a success - but not a complete failure either - I'm torn on the experience.

I had good luck with my shopping - in fact - I think I am pretty much done with Christmas gifts for Harlyn. That said - I'm sure I will continue to buy things well into December (lol) but I also donate around Christmas when we adopt a family - so either way the items will be put to good use.

We went to Kohl's because I had a 30% off coupon and figured it would be worth a trip to see if there were any deals.  The clothes (end of season) were totally picked over so no luck there.  However, Harlyn really liked this doll and played with it - in the box - while we were there.  According to Kohl's, this doll is worth $65.  I should note that EVERYTHING at Kohl's is ridiculously over-priced - hence the reason the store is always having sales and can send 30% off coupons on a bi-weekly basis.   However, it was marked down to $15 plus I had the 30% off coupon - so the total was just over $10 - I socked it away for the holidays.

Eats, drinks, poops and pees!  Every little girls dream doll!

On the down side, I've been struggling with how to get gas at a discount.  I do have a King Soopers card and if I use the pumps there I can get .3 off a gallon - but the station is always packed and I couldn't stomach the thought of waiting in a line 6 cars deep to save .36.  Instead, I went to the local gas station that promised .10 off a gallon with a car wash.  Ok - the car was seriously dirty and really did need a wash - so I figured I'd give it a go.  I save roughly $1.20 on gas and it cost $7 for the wash.   So technically I was up $5.80 but since I would have done the wash anyhow I figured it all balanced out in the end.   However, once I got through the car wash, picked up Chris and actually LOOKED at the car - well - let's just say I was ripped off.   The car was STILL DIRTY after the wash.   Seriously - like the entire lower level didn't look like it had even been touched by soap or water.  Totally disappointing.

The biggest score - however - was this bike for Harlyn.  It's pink, and purple, and all sorts of girlie - so I know she'll love it.  I've been stalking it at Target for a few weeks since I noticed it was marked down - but the price was holding steady.  I decided to drag it over to the price checker and lo and behold - instead of ringing up for $35 - it rang up for $13.41.   I understand that this is NOT a high quality piece of equipment - but for a little girl whose main focus is color coordination - it's going to work out just fine.  I'm hoping to find a basket and bell to top it off - they have some really cool baskets where a doll can ride along too - I'm sure my little tomboy princess will go crazy for it either way.
It's so pretty! :-)

The only downside is brother found the box in the garage - and he can't keep a secret to save his little life.  He has already referenced sister "getting a bike" for Christmas at least 4 times - and he only found it on Friday!  It will be a miracle if we make it all the way to the holiday without him spilling the beans.

All and all - pretty good haul!

Consume consciously,


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